"ClipFix is so easy and intuitive to use."
Tom D. Financial services company

"We have over 100 locations including 11 remote offices. The down time that ClipFix will prevent and tech labor savings will be great!"

Diane F. Retail Operations

"I can't believe no one has thought of this! The pack will pay for itself after the first use."

Dan C. IT system installer​

"Those connectors break

all the time. What a great idea!"
Heather T. Cloud computing company

"It's kind of funny. Normally, I have

to find room in my budget to buy something my business needs. But, when I buy ClipFix,

I actually create room in my budget."
Harry B. Financial Institution

"The guys from ClipFix gave me tons of free samples that I have been using as my calling card to my customers in the IT field. They love it and it boosts my reputation for providing valuable solutions."
Vic H. IT Sales


ClipFix Demonstration

Installation Tips and Techniques Video

Handy RJ45 Removal Key Demo

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