Return on Investment - 3100%

Cost for traditional cable replacement:

$32 per Clip Breakage

Cost for ClipFix Cable Repair:

$1 per Clip Breakage

PLUS! Immediate Restoration of the connection for improved productivity and improved customer service!

Typical Example

Company Industry:

Financial Services


Company Size:

2000 Employees


Company Locations:

6 Large Offices, 7 Remote Offices, 2 Data Centers


Yearly Experience for broken tab Cable Replacement:

450 cables for data infrastructure

25 for phone repair

150 for desktops, printers, copiers

50 for data centers

675 Total Replaced

x $16 (Avg. cable cost)

$10,800 total


$11,000 Approximate material cost

$10,000 Approximate labor savings (based on 1/2 hr labor savings)

$XX,XXX Lost Down Time
$21,000 Real Cost Savings Plus the value of the lost employee or customer downtime!

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