ClipFix RJ-45 Repair Clip Demonstration Video

Why you need ClipFix in your tool box:

  • Fixes broken network cable with one simple step

  • Simple to use; No tools required

  • Restores secure connection immediately

OUR CUSTOMER's Typically enjoy an roi of 3100%. view roi.

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What is ClipFix?

ClipFix is a patented RJ45 network

cable connector tab repair clip supporting Ethernet/Cat 5/Cat 6/ Cat 7 wires.

Fix your network cable

in seconds for under $1

“Made in USA”

ClipFix Successfully tested with:





DIY User:

Fix your RJ45 cables and wires in seconds with no tools and no expert training. And keep those wires out of landfills by using ClipFix the Green Solution for Wire repair. Ask your local hardware store to carry ClipFix and reduce your carbon footprint.

Large Multi-Site Retail Outlet Stores and Banks:

Keep point of sale devices online, store and bank managers can make the quick RJ45 & Cat5 wire repair in seconds. IP phones, computers and card readers are essential to customers service and smooth operations. Eliminate broken wires in seconds.

Bank/Retail Service Companies:

Reduce hours of labor time and move on to service more locations faster when the ClipFix RJ45 repair solution is in your tool box. Also carry fewer Cat 5 and Cat6 wires, wire sizes and RJ45 connectors. No more replacing RJ 45 connectors or re-splicing Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables for a broken tab.

IT Service Companies:

Rule out RJ45 port connection issues when each of your customers has a pack of ClipFIx RJ45 repair clips. They can verify and repair IT connections so you can fix their problems remotely.

Telephone Telecom Service Companies:

How much time do you spend splicing new Cat5 and Cat6 wires or running new network cables and wires through offices and cubicles? Use your time for more revenue producing work. 

Telephone/Telecom Companies:

Time is money, Keep your service operations running smoothly when your RJ 45 IP connections are firmly in place. Also send a pack or two of ClipFix with the IP Phones you supply. Your customers will thank you! They move their phones often in call centers.

Network Service Companies:

Enjoy an average of 3100% ROI for when your techs use ClipFix RJ 45 connector repair tabs. Think of the strategic advantage when you quote a lower avg. cost and win more work because you use ClipFix and they don’t!


Students and Professors alike have to plug in and RJ45s can’t handle the fatigue and use that is normal day in and day out.  Stop replacing network wires and wasting precious department funds that you can surely put to better use.

Cable & DSL Companies:

Whether it’s a new install or a service call you will encounter Cat 5 and Cat6 wires with broken tabs, saves money on RJ45 repair kits and crimping tools also. 


Customers still need computer wires in their rooms and those network cables in the Business Center are constantly broken. Guest satisfaction is paramount so keep your guests connected and satisfied with ClipFix on hand.

Audio Visual Companies:

Setting up and breaking down Audio Visual equipment takes its toll on your network wires and patch cables. Whether it’s a 1-day venue in a hotel or a concert or a company function you need your RJ45 network wires to work and the show must go on.


Terminals, printers, and patron’s computers get plugged and unplugged to your network cables every day. Keep your services operational for the long haul with ClipFix on hand.

Call Center/Support Companies:

Your operations are constantly changing to adapt to the newest Internet protocol technologies and to align with your customer demand. When you plug your IP phones back in to the network cables they need to work. They will with ClipFix.

Trade Show Support Companies:

No one sets up and tears down network and communications  equipment more than you do at busy trade show centers. How many Cat5 and Cat6 wires can you run through in a week? Save time and money with ClipFix RJ45 connector repair clips.

Tech Schools:

Computers, servers and network wires are your business. You have to teach your students to splice Cat5 and Cat6 wires and now you can teach them to use ClipFix RJ45 connector repair clips also for your savings and for their benefit after they graduate. Your classes have to keep up with the latest technology and the latest new thing is ClipFix.

Data Centers:

Cat 5 and Cat 6 wires are carefully sized to neatly reach each RJ45 port often with very little slack to afford to be spliced again. And network and communications wire bundles can be very difficult to trace and replace. There is no need to run new network wires and trace out the suspect broken wire. And what if the broken wire is a cross over splice configuration? You won’t know until after you try to reconnect to the RJ45 port. Eliminate all of these troubles with ClipFix.

Grade/High Schools:

No one is tougher on electronics and network cables than young students. And no one has tighter budgets than local schools. Use ClipFix RJ45 connector repair clips to preserve your budgets.

Government Organizations (State and Federal):

The government runs on information. Operations can’t continue without being connected using Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables. But IT service calls are not always budgeted into the equation. With ClipFix you don’t need nearly the same budget for material or labor and you can reliably still run your office.

Large Internet and IT Companies:

Network cable connections are your business. Connectivity, bandwidth, uptime and information flow are your lifeblood. Seconds of network cable downtime matter to your bottom line. Count on ClipFix to repair network connections in seconds instead of minutes or hours the old fashioned way. 

Multi-Tenant Per Floor Office Buildings:

Whether you’re the building manager or the tenant. Network wires are plugged and unplugged from RJ45 ports daily by hundreds of transient business tenants. ClipFix is your best solution for staying connected and reliably running your business.

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